My last day of leave

Today was my last day of maternity leave. 12 weeks flew by! Although there were some challenges and some sleepless nights (especially in the beginning). Overall I feel truly blessed that I have been able to stay home and watch this little being we created grow, and boy did he grow over the last 3 months!

Like most moms, I wish the maternity and paternal leave policies were better in the US. I’d love to be home the first year of his life, but alas the bills have to get paid, so back to work I go!

No matter what direction a mother chooses, it’s not easy. It’s no walk in the park raising a baby whether it’s on your own from home, juggling work and child rearing, or having someone else take care of your kids. I just want to say I applaud all the mothers out there who have had to make sacrifices in either direction.

Sitting here on my last day, watching him peacefully sleep, I have so many fears:

-Will he remember me when I come home at night?
-Will he be taken care of as well as I would take care of him?
-What if he realizes the bottle is easier than nursing and turns away from the boob?
-Will we have enough time together after work?

I know it will be alright and simply another hurdle to jump, but I will get through it– like so many of you have. Everyone says your life changes when you have kids. They are right. I’m no longer my #1 priority, he is, and it is the best job in the world.

Cover photo taken by: Michelle Alyce Photography


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