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Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review- Honest Review

motorola halo+ baby monitor review

motorola halo+ baby monitor review

motorola halo+ baby monitor review

motorola halo+ baby monitor review

motorola halo+ baby monitor review

When I was pregnant, I was so overwhelmed by all of the choices for baby items. I feel like all I did my entire pregnancy was research. From strollers to car seats to breast pumps (check out my car seat recommendation and my favorite breast pump). A baby monitor was just one area that wasn’t a top priority and  with so many cool options on the market, I was overwhelmed. When I finally sat down to work through my registry, I  ended up adding a top-selling camera on Amazon just to have something. Within a few months of using our registry camera, I was really unhappy. First and foremost, we live in an average sized house and we kept having constant range issues going between the first and second floors. If I wanted to work out while the baby was napping, the monitor was constantly out of range. It was a complete pain. For this reason, I decided to look at different monitors. I started doing some research and came across the Motorola Halo+. It had all of the features I was looking for, but there were few reviews on the market since it was a newer product. I ended up biting the bullet and ordered it from Bed Bath and Beyond using my handy BB&Beyond coupon. Now that we have been using this monitor for almost 2 years, I’m so happy we made the change. The Motorola Halo+ baby monitor is hands down one of the best options on the market. This is a must have baby item for all parents. Keep reading below if you are interested in a Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review and why it truly is the best on the market. 

Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review

  • Longer Range
    • As I mentioned, we had some issues getting reception on the first floor with our original monitor. With the Motorola Halo+ I can now easily walk throughout the house and even outside in our backyard with zero range issues! I tried to search for the exact details of the range, but couldn’t find anything official. Unofficially I did see 900 feet mentioned. We have had zero issues connecting the montior and the nice thing is that if for whatever reason we did, the device comes with mobile app viewing as well. 
  • Free mobile app with viewing
    • One of the main features I was in dire need of, was the ability to view my camera on my phone. Helicopter mom problems. 🙂 Seriously though, I wanted to have the ability to peek on my little one while I was working, out on date night, or as a secondary option at home. I love the fact that at any point, I can easily pop into the Motorola app via iPhone or Android and peek at my baby. The only downside is the app does have some periodic glitches, but I feel like Motorola has been rolling out updates fixing this. You do not need to be connected to the same network to view via the app either, you can literally access your baby monitor remotely from ANYWHERE. You can also control the rest of the features I’ll mention below on both the app and handheld device, including the nightlight, sound machine, music, and projector features. 
  • Night light, sound machine, music, and projector
    • This monitor is jam packed with features. I wish I knew about all of this before I purchased our Hatch sound machine. The Hatch is a great sound machine, but the Motorola Halo+ camera comes with an above the crib night light and sound machine. You can change the nightlight color to any option you prefer. The included sound machine has options like white noise, music, and stories. You can also preload the device with audio of your choice, including audiobooks, which we’ve actually never done. Lastly, the projector is one of the coolest features and one of the most used ones for us. The projector streams colorful space imagery onto the ceiling that moves and disappears. Elliott went crazy for this when he was a baby. He loved it! Especially on the days that I needed a few minutes before grabbing him. 
  • Great picture quality
    • The handheld device has 1080p picture quality on a 4.3 inch color screen. It’s bigger and clearer than the Infant Optics version that we had. The night mode is crisp and clean on both the device and app! Overall the picture quality is far superior than anything we’ve tried. 
  • Multi positions
    • Another awesome feature is that this camera can be set up over the crib or standing up.  Once Elliott gets a bit older, we can take the device off the over the crib mount and stand it up in his room as a regular camera. The camera grows with your baby! If your family ends up growing as well, you can add more cameras. I believe a total of 4 can be accessed on one device.

I can keep going on and on, but honestly get this monitor if you are considering it. You won’t regret it. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this one. It has everything you would need and more! 

Get it currently on sale at Amazon! Available at other retailers as well: Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Best Buy. The deluxe version (2 cameras) is available at Nordstrom.

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